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Prince George of Cambridge born; third in line to the British throne Tithi : - Poornima Full Moon. Moon Sign : - Capricorn. They give utmost respect to women. They avoid talking unpleasantly with others. They generally have a reserve temperament. They fight for what they believe is right. They practice what they preach.

Prince George Astrology Chart by Hassan Jaffer (Updated)

Commitment to their ideals makes them very humanitarian. Predictions as per Ascendant : -. They also have good manners.


They can be very good partners. People born in Scorpio Ascendant have their presence felt. They never go unnoticed.

For them 5 th house i. Birth Chart Reading : -. Sun is also the Lord of 10 th house. Thus Sun here is strong. As Sun is strong he got birth in a royal family. Sun will bless him honour, fame, recognition, power, good health. He can even shine as a politician. Sun is in Pushya Nakshatra. Lord of Pusyha Nakshatra is Saturn. Although Saturn is exalted but still his relationship with his father is likely to be tainted due to personality clashes. Moon is connected to mind. A waxing Moon in an earth sign Capricorn will make him calm, caring, humble, kind, patient person. Moon also aspects its own sign Cancer in 9 th house from 3 rd house thus 9 th house becomes strong.

Lord of the Ascendant Mars is in 8 th house with Jupiter. This will make him a scholar with excellent academic records. This position of Mars can also cause some unfortunate events in his life, which may affect his fame.

Mars is a natural malefic due to this he may have arguments at times with his family members. Thus 2 nd house becomes strong. There is a possibility of some misunderstandings with his family members due to his words or statements being misunderstood. At times he may have arguments with them. The Month Column contains information of growing up age and family. The Day Column, which contains information of middle age and marriage. The Hour Column, which contains information of late age and his children. Water is the Lucky Element , which can moist the dry Earth. Metal is also a helpful element, which can release the energy accumulated in Earth.

Fire is not a lucky element, because Fire can generate more Earth. The upper row of the Day Column in the birth chart is called Day Master and represents the person. Therefore, Male Earth represents the Princess Charlotte.

The Chinese Astrology Birth Chart for Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Sun in the 9th is flanked by benefic Venus and Jupiter, strong in the Navamsha, and also aspected by the full Moon in the 3rd. You are diligent and dedicated in your undertakings and are able to wait as long as need be to achieve your most cherished goals. Typically a Cancer is diligent, friendly, empathetic, determined, protecting, and frugal, as well as quarrelsome, emotionally delicate, moody, instinctive, possibly even psychic, with a tendency to sacrifice themselves for others. Notify of. According to the Vedic astrological calendar, profound and perceptive Scorpio was just rising in the early degrees of Vishaka nakshatra and the Moon was in the early degrees of Capricorn in the Uttarashada nakshatra. Marie September 18, at pm. You want a deep, meaningful relationship and shallow partnerships hold no interest for you.

Male Earth is related to Mountain. We can say princess is a Mountain Tiger.

The Male Metal of the Month is related to Sky. The astrology month is related to the family. Therefore her family is connected to Sky Dragon. Male Fire of the Hour is related to the Sun. The sign of Hour is a Dragon under the Sun.

Princess George Astrology

Year of is Female Wood Sheep. Female Wood is related the grass. The sign of Year is Sheep on the green grass. All these imply the baby comes the royal family. She is not an ordinary royal lady. She will be outstanding on her territory. Dragon and Sheep are in the Earth group. Both Tiger and Sheep also contain Earth and Fire.

Know your Ascendant

Fire makes Earth even dryer and stronger. Day Master Earth has lots of same type element Earth to support it. Therefore, Day Master is very strong in the birth chart. Princess should be a healthy girl. Fire and Earth are found in every column of the birth chart. Earth show the highest score in the Five Element table. Water is the lowest score. She needs more Water to balance the Five Elements. Metal protects Water. Therefore, we can choose Water and Metal are the Lucky Elements for princess.

Certainly, Earth and Fire become the unlucky elements. Male Earth is related to dry soil, tall wall, soil on the mountain.

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That is the personality of conservation, stubborn, fearlessness of challenge and persistence in opinion. That is a sign of competition. Tiger has to accept the challenge from Dragons. Because Male Earth is quite strong, Princess should have a strong personality. This makes Mountain Tiger becomes a leader and Princess Charlotte will become an icon in her group.

Metal is related to the outlook, expression, performance and talent to princess. She will like to hold the party at home to enjoy the friendship. She doesn't take care too much about her outlook. She will enjoy the food while growing up and study how to cook for health when after marriage. Male Earth people with strong supporting Earth will study religious and spiritual material during the middle age. Male Water represents Prince Charlotte's father.

Princess Charlotte doesn't have too much Water in the birth chart. This doesn't imply her father will keep the distance with her. Her year Major Cycles show the Water appears during her growing ages. We will see both of them appearing in public when she becomes a lady. Female Fire represents her mother. Female Fire is inside the Sheep. Mother will be close to her during the early ages.

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The first three year Major Cycles are Fire cycles. Therefore, mother will be always around during first 30 years. Princess Charlotte has lot of Earth. She doesn't need overprotect, because Fire is not the Lucky Element. That implies her grandfather is from a noble family. Earth is related to her siblings or same generation friends.

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Princess Charlotte has lot of Earth in her birth chart.