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10 Types of Noses and What Secrets They Reveal About Your Personality!

A mole can be good for men on right side of the nose and for the girls on the opposite side, those who have mole in the halfway between the nose they do not have less money in their life and also earn wealth on their own. If the mole is on the upper halfway, you should keep your immune system good. If the mole is on the eyes of the level on nose then a person have work hard till the age of 28, they have try to learn new things, but after it they can get good success and post.

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Face Reading Nose

Texture of nose can also shows how much success you will get after the work, how much faster is your brain, are you lucky person, all it comes to know today. Aaj hum janenge naak ki banawat ke baraien main, aapka bhagya apki naak ke hisab se, career and position janiye apki naam se janiye aaj ke astro uncle ke upay main. Interviewing potential employees that are trustworthy; and for the employee, knowing that the person interviewing them is trustworthy!

Engaging the services of an architect or contractor, or a doctor, or meeting someone for a romantic date - in all of these interactions and more, we want to be able to feel that we can trust the person we're with. The Chinese art of Face Reading or Mian Xiang can actually help you "read" a person's face for hints and clues about their character.

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Mian Xiang is a form of Physiognomy - the observation of appearances - that goes back thousands of years into Chinese history. While nothing beats getting to know a person well in the long-run, a quick assessment with Face Reading will help you know if a person is worth your time and effort, or if you're both likely to be incompatible. In this article, l'll show you how to assess trustworthiness in a person's face by focusing on two particular facial features - the nose and teeth!

For instance, people with a small nose can have a really fierce temper!

What your nose says about your personality - A study has found that the character of any human being may also depend on the shape of his. As the most prominent part of face, nose represents one's self-esteem, ability, social status and personality. In face reading, eyes are the symbol of rank while nose is the symbol of wealth. The well-featured nose with a fleshy tip, raised wings and invisible nostrils is believed.

Big nose - If a person's nose is somewhat large and prominent in relation to the rest of the face, this usually indicates a sense of integrity. Big noses tend to belong to people with a strong sense of morals, ethics, or principles. They are likely to be trustworthy and reliable.

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Birds love drama, and the noise will only get worse if your parrot thinks you will be taking part in a screaming match. Because of this, toucans may snap their tail forward until it touches the head. Pungent nose: Nostrils are slightly above, then it indicates that success will get at the age of 26, this type of persons marriage of age start at 24, this type of persons face difficulty once or twice in their life. Interviewing potential employees that are trustworthy; and for the employee, knowing that the person interviewing them is trustworthy! If the tips are different in shape and size, fat at the top and thin at the bottom with hair, high and low, they are important but such a woman is not lucky.

Small nose - If a person's nose is small in relation to the rest of the face, it hints at low self-esteem or self-confidence. However, people with long noses can be self-centred and egoistic on occasion precisely because others are so used to praising them for their abilities! People with short noses can think fast, and have sharp, versatile minds. But it will be hard to trust them for sustained relationships as they are prone to being brash, impatient, and volatile.


Knotted nose bridge - A person whose nose has a visible knot in the middle tends to be a stubborn, selfish personality. It would be hard to trust them because they usually harbour ulterior motives for the things they do. Sharp or pointy nose - Someone with a sharp or pointy nose is likely to be cunning, and will usually tend to possess shady intentions. They tend not to have a problem with the 'ends justifying the means', and hence lack sound ethics when it comes to making choices or taking action. Eagle nose - An 'eagle nose' is that which resembles a hooked eagle's beak from the side.

People with an eagle nose can possess hawkish dispositions. They can be stubborn and obstinate, and also harbour conniving intentions that makes them hard to trust. High nose bridge - People with noses that have a high nose bridge are usually very independent and tough, but also incredibly reliant and trustworthy.

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They can shoulder great responsibilities and are steady in their approach. However, a weakness is that they can be inflexible at times in personal relationships.

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If they lose their trust in you, they can be hard to convince. A set of teeth that appears balanced, with the size of the teeth even and uniform, is usually indicative of someone who is sincere, trustworthy and respectful towards others.

How to check your Fortune from shape of NOSE? – Fortune Prediction from NOSE – Astrology and NOSE

Therefore, you will be able to trust them with responsibilities. Teeth which are crooked and unequal in size are not only unpleasant to look at but are also generally indicative of a person who may be dishonest and therefore cannot be trusted.

If it appears that a person's teeth are also small, unhealthy-looking and sparse, then that particular person is likely to be arrogant and also being disorganized, which means a decreased ability to trust them as they are prone to being flakey at the last-minute. People with protruding teeth that jut out are careless with their speech, and tend to say things before they think. As such, they can't be trusted in situations that require discretion, or in situations that require persuasion and charm. This is because they can offend others unknowingly quite often.

These are just some of the examples of how you can 'face read' the nose and teeth for signs of a person's trustworthiness and reliability.

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Having a head start in determining a person's trustworthiness can help you augment what you learn later from interaction with the person, from getting to know the person, and from your own gut instincts. Face Reading acts like a compass of sorts to help you navigate how to progress during the early stages of meeting a person and assessing their sense of honesty and reliability.